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About us

Quantum B.E. consultants provide business management advisory services to clients in Australia, Europe, the USA and Asia (Japan). The company has been operating from Sydney (NSW, Australia) since 2002. We specialize in rapid business improvement (from business culture transformation to full company turnarounds) and in agile Business Software Development (including expertise in filling the gaps for sub-efficient mainstream ERP operating and planning modules).

We also provide training and coaching across the three spaces of business and productivity improvement:

  • Behaviours, Mindsets and Values
  • Tools, Skills and Tactics
  • Systems, Processes and Strategies
  • Over the past 18 years, we have proven our expertise by improving the business performance of many global international corporations in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing (traditional)
  • Manufacturing (continuous process)
  • Mining (open cut and underground)
  • FMCG, Warehouse Mgt and Distribution
  • Fast Food stores and outlets
  • Food & Beverages Processing Plants
  • Banking and Investment (P.E. & V.C.)
  • Accounting and Financial planning
  • Health, Healthcare, Hospitals
  • Hotels, Motels, Hospitality
  • Government and Councils
  • NGOs and Not-For-Profit
  • What we Do

    We take our clients for a ride to the "THIRD SPACE", and help them become DISTINCT. Together, we ...

  • Transform your Business Culture
    Assess your State Of Play

    Improve your Business Culture

  • Unleash Business Productivity
    Eradicate W.O.R.K.P.I.T.I.

    Deploy Lean & 6 Sigmas

  • Master Business Communications
    Communicate Real-Time

    Deploy Mobile Data Entry

    Deploy Mobile Auditing

    Deploy Mobile Surveys

    Track your Assets

  • Optimise Sales & Operation Planning
    Deploy robust S&OP processes

    Level & Sequence your activities

  • Improve ERP & Business Software
    Review your ERP's limitations

    Fill in ERP performance gaps

  • Streamline MS Excel processes
    Automate MS Excel Tasks

    Automate MS Excel Reports

  • Our products

    We offer a number of standard products for helping organisation transform. Talk to us to learn more about our typical mission profiles and supportive business software. We also provide customised consulting advice tailored to more specific client needs (about 2.3 of our consulting business) Our Transformation expertise covers:

  • Business Culture ( In Groups of 15-20 )
    Familiarisation Playshop (3 hours)

    Performance Edge (2 days)

    Competent Leadership (1 week)

    Enginostics (1-4 weeks)

  • Lean & 6 Sigmas ( TPS with groups )
    Business Diagnostic (5-10 days)

    P.I.E. (5-10 days)

    M.I.P. (6-16 weeks)

    B.I. wave (typ. 6-9 months)

  • S & O.P. ( Processes & Software )
    Process Re-engineering (3-6 months)

    Data Consolidation (3-6 months)

    Heijunka (3-6 months)

    S&OP software (typ. 6-18 months)

  • Real-Time Communication ( Q.I.T. )
    Apps for Mobile workforce

    Apps for PLanning

    Apps for Surveys

    Apps for Auditing

  • Productivity Software ( Heijunka )
    Inventory in Factories

    WIP in Operations

    Down-Time in Mining

    Job Duration Construction

    and more, please enquire ...

  • Our clients


    Whether they are searching for ...

  • excellence in Safety

  • excellence in Leadership

  • excellence in Product Innovation

  • excellence in Customer Service

  • Our clients have discovered that success is all about the

    Quality of Working Relationships


    Check our "Products" page to learn more.

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    or Email : info@qbeonline.com

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